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Per Aspera is the premier late-night, hardcore progression raiding guild on the Alliance side of Aerie Peak-US.  Our raid times are 11:30 pm server to 3:00 am server, Sunday-Thursday.  For more info, please go to the forums, or post an application in our Application forum.  Even if your class is not being recruited, we will always consider an exceptional applicant.  Apply to Guild button=/= applying to Per Aspera, please post an app in the Forums if interested in applying.  Recruiting is currently open for all specs/classes.

BoT: 4/4
BWD: 5/6
ToFW: 1/2
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Naronas, Feb 19, 11 1:50 AM.
This news is a few weeks old, because I'm lazy, but Cho'gal down.  Hooray.

Fuck you Ravosh.

First Video

Naronas, Jan 29, 11 12:29 AM.
Per Aspera's first video, reg Maloriak, is now available on youtube!

AC down

Naronas, Jan 24, 11 1:09 PM.
It took some heartbreaking wipes at sub 1%, and a lot longer then we would have liked it to, but Ascendant Council has gone down.  Per Aspera is now 9/12 and progression on end bosses.  Gratz to all in raid!

Progression Update

Naronas, Jan 12, 11 7:27 PM.
Been a while since an update, but Per Aspera is now 7/12 reg, and progressing quite fast.  ALmost on to heroics now!
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